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Shorter queues and an end to fake IDs.

Everyone with the BankID app now has valid identification on their mobile phone. With our new service, Stø Identification, you save time per customer and don't miss out on sales.

  • Secure identification with validated data

  • Everyone with the BankID app can get the ID card

  • Check identification in the cash register system

A digital ID card is scanned at checkout

Check IDs in an instant

Integrate into your cash register system

Stø Identification can be integrated with all modern cash register systems. You only need to connect to our APIs and configure barcode scanners.

Once the system is in place, the customer's digital ID card can be scanned by the barcode scanner, and relevant personal information and photo will be immediately displayed to the cashier.

Afterwards, you can simply scan away to retrieve verified ID data on the system screen.

Posten and Vinmonopolet have already implemented Stø Identification as an integration into their cash register or scanning systems.

Posten and Vinmonopolet have already started

With Stø Legitimering, we offer a quicker and simpler way to electronically verify your customers. Reduce the risk of lost sales and protect yourself against fake or misused identification.

The fast and efficient purchasing experience the ID card provides, leads to high customer satisfaction and saves time for the company.

Contact us for more information

Contact our experienced sales team for more information on how to get started or to draft a usage agreement for Stø Identification.

We already have experience with technical integration.

Technical documentation

The documentation is directed to developers and describes how to implement Stø Legitimering in your system.

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