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4.5 million Norwegians have BankID, Norway's largest service for electronic authentication and signing.

Electronic identification since 2004

BankID was launched in 2004 and is now used by all the country's banks, government entities, and an increasing number of businesses in various industries. Norwegian banks have developed BankID collaboratively, and it is the banks that perform customer verification and issue BankID to individual customers.

BankID BankAxept AS operates and develops the service and sells BankID to Norwegian businesses through a network of resellers.

What is BankID?

BankID is a personal and simple electronic identification for secure identification and signing online.

In the physical world, you identify yourself with a passport, driver's license, or bank card. In the electronic world, you can use your BankID to confirm who you are. In the physical world, you use a pen when signing a contract. In the electronic world, you can use your BankID to sign documents and messages electronically.

By using your national identification number, the code you receive from an app or code card, and the personal password you have chosen, you can log in with BankID.

BankID for your business?

Whether you desire a signing solution with the highest security or a secure login solution for your website, the answer is BankID.

What can BankID be used for?

BankID can be used for various purposes, including logging into online banking, private services, and public websites. The same BankID can be used across the banks where the user has a customer relationship.

With BankID, you can electronically sign documents, eliminating the need for in-person meetings or sending mail. For example, you can use it for applications such as daycare placement, change of address with the postal service, placing bids on homes, signing loan applications, registering documents, and more.

Banks have different types of one-time code solutions, such as a code card generating one-time codes or apps like the BankID app or NordeaID.

Many prefer a solution without a code card. We recommend the BankID app for this purpose, or equivalent apps from banks not affiliated with the BankID app.