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BankAxept is the national payment card of Norway and is the simplest, most cost-effective, and secure way to accept payments.

Kiosk owner who doesn't have to think about payment systems

Norway's national payment system

BankAxept is the national payment system in Norway. Today, eight out of ten card payments in stores are made with a BankAxept card.

With BankAxept, payments are approved in real-time using chip, tap, or on a mobile phone. The transaction is linked to the user's bank to verify authentication and account coverage. If everything is in order, the funds are immediately deducted from the cardholder's account.

Get BankAxept for your company

With BankAxept, you can easily and securely receive payments. The funds will be deposited into your account the following day. More than 8 out of 10 transactions in Norwegian stores are made using BankAxept. Here's how to get started.

Swift Settlement

Settlement for your BankAxept transactions is paid out daily on all banking days, provided you reconcile the terminal every day. For instance, if it's a public holiday, the funds will be credited to your account no later than the first banking day after you have submitted the transactions for settlement.

Contactless Payment

With BankAxept and a new terminal, you can always offer contactless payment to your customers, known as "tapping." This makes the payment faster and easier, without compromising security. Contactless payments can be made for any amount, but if the sum exceeds 500 kroner, the customer must also enter a PIN code.

To ensure secure payments, customers will also be prompted to enter a PIN code regularly. If you don't have contactless payment activated today, contact your bank terminal provider to enable it.

Low Costs

BankAxept offers low, predictable prices for payments. We also provide discounts at various levels when turnover exceeds certain thresholds on a monthly basis.