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What is Stø?


New services from BankID BankAxept

BankID and BankAxept are well-known brands that most people are familiar with and use every day. All Norwegians regularly use BankID for logging in and signing across public and private services. BankAxept is the card we use for payments in Norway, a solution that makes it more cost-effective for merchants to accept payments than with international cards.

More than Payments and ID

Stø is a brand meant to encompass services from BankID BankAxept, which goes beyond electronic ID and card payments and ventures outside the traditional banking realm. With our services, we can feel secure when conducting electronic payments or identifying ourselves electronically or in the physical world.

Stø Kundesjekk and ID check

Two services that have been in the market for some time, including the Know Your Customer service Kundesjekk and the passport verification service ID-sjekk, are the first services to be associated with the Stø brand. In the future, there will also be several new value-added services launched under the Stø brand, both within and outside the BankID app.