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Kundesjekk is used by businesses of all sizes, ranging from just a few to several thousand inquiries every month.

Faster, easier and better customer controls

All businesses with reporting obligations have been subjected to stricter requirements for customer controls aimed at preventing money laundering and terrorism financing. utilizes BankID's AML (Anti Money Laundering) solution, providing customers of with access to the information required to conduct thorough customer checks. simplifies the verification of individuals and businesses, both in the establishment of new customer relationships and in ongoing customer checks.

Kundesjekk for your business?

Allow us to contact you for demonstrating the system, walkthrough of functionality and to answer your questions.

With Kundesjekk, you can

  • Digitally verify the customer with BankID, without the need for in-person attendance.
  • Check the customer against the EU and UN sanctions list.
  • Determine if the customer is considered a politically exposed person (PEP), is a close family member, or an associate of a PEP through Nordic PEP lists.
  • Obtain basic information such as name, registered address, and national identification number.
  • Detect changes that impact the customer relationship after it has been initiated.