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BankID BankAxept AS

Ilustrasjon - nice place to work

Stø, BankID and BankAxept are provided by the company BankID BankAxept AS. Our mission is to contribute to a seamless society through strong trust and positive user experiences.

BankID and BankAxept are the leading services in Norway for electronic identification and payment. They have a long history spanning over 20 years, but BankID BankAxept AS is a relatively young company. Previously, we were part of Vipps, but in 2022, we established ourselves as an independent company. Today, we are owned by 104 banks in Norway through the company Vipps Holding AS.

With BankID and BankAxept, we provide secure and reliable services that are crucial for individuals and society. In fact, these are among the most widely used services in Norway, with over 2.3 billion transactions annually.


With Stø, we also offer new digital services that go beyond BankID and BankAxept, including the anti-money laundering service Kundesjekk and ID services targeting individuals and businesses. Building on the foundation laid by BankID and BankAxept, we create services that contribute to a seamless society, benefiting both businesses and individuals.

We have a workforce of over 180 employees, including a significant in-house technology team. Our main office is located in Bjørvika, Oslo, with additional offices in Bergen and Stavanger. Every day, we strive to make identification and payment simple, fast, and secure for both individuals and businesses, working towards creating an even more seamless society.