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Kundesjekk becomes a service from BankID BankAxept

"" is a popular portal for customer verification. Now, the service is becoming a part of BankID BankAxept.

The CEO of BankID BankAxept, Øyvind Westby Brekke, believes that the focus on "Know Your Customer" (KYC) and anti-money laundering service Kundesjekk is crucial in addressing these issues.

Together with the founders Anders Bakken (left) and Finn Espen Gundersen (right), as well as several employees from Kundesjekk, the service is set to receive both developmental and sales support in the future.

Digital tools can significantly reduce the time spent reporting when used correctly. This frees up time for reviewing and assessing the gathered information, allowing manual efforts to be directed more towards challenging cases. was established to simplify and streamline the work processes of companies with reporting obligations. The service has seen continuous improvements and boasts efficient systems for clear and straightforward customer communication.

Kundesjekk has developed ownership charts to facilitate understanding of customer ownership and control structures. Other enhancements include access to the Account and Addressing Register (Norwegian: onto- og adresseringsregisteret, KAR), international PEP (Politically Exposed Person) and sanctions lists, and the ability to configure a customer risk classification model in accordance with the user's internal procedures.

Regnskap Norge, BDO, and Advokatforeningen has resonated well with businesses, offering a low entry barrier for implementing anti-money laundering systems. In a short time, the solution has established a strong position among companies with reporting obligations. Several organizations, including Regnskap Norge, BDO, and Advokatforeningen, offer the Kundesjekk portal to their members and clients.