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Introducing the New Brand: Stø

Stø logo

Two of Norway's most widely used services are now joined by an entirely new brand: Stø. In the future, Stø will be introduced to more services offered by the company BankID BankAxept, both within and outside the BankID app.

- "Stø" is a short, simple, and Nordic name. It evokes associations of something sturdy, rock-solid, and safe, which is precisely what solutions from Stø are meant to be. We look forward to the launch of a range of useful services in a new guise," says Ida Håvik, Head of Marketing and Communication at BankID BankAxept.

When BankID BankAxept AS became a separate company just over a year ago, the work began to find a new brand name. The existing brands BankID and BankAxept, as well as the company name BankID BankAxept AS, will be retained, while new services that do not naturally fall under these categories will now be consolidated under the Stø brand.

The Stø name will, among other things, make it clear that the company has more to offer than just infrastructure for the banking industry.

"We are in the process of transitioning from being a provider of infrastructure to becoming a service provider, and now we have a brand where we can innovate beyond the confines of traditional banking. The search for a name took time, but most importantly, we wanted to settle on something we truly liked and felt represented us. NoA Consulting and Anti deserve credit for delivering solid brand names and visual identity," adds Håvik.

Stø Kundesjekk and ID-sjekk

The first transformation will occur for services that have been in the market for some time, including the Know Your Customer (KYC) service Kundesjekk and the passport verification service ID-sjekk. In the future, more value-added services will be introduced under the Stø brand, both within and outside the BankID app.

Ida Håvik, head of marketing and communications at BankID BankAxept AS

Ida Håvik, head of marketing and communications at BankID BankAxept AS

"The possibilities are endless. We believe that Stø, alongside our two other strong brand names, will establish a solid presence through new and innovative services. Now, we need to prove it," says Håvik.