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Terms and conditions for ID card in the BankID app

Version 1.0 | Valid from 01.03.2023 | For end users

1. The agreement

1.1 Parties

This is an agreement between you as a user of ID card in the BankID app and BankID BankAxept AS (org no. 927 611 929).

1.2 Scope of the agreement

The agreement applies to activation and use of ID card in the BankID app, and your use of the ID card at merchants, such as Posten, Vinmonopolet or other merchants that offer the solution to you.

The privacy statement in the BankID app describes more detailed processing of personal data in ID card, see about ID card in the privacy statement.

2. ID card

2.1 About ID card in the BankID app

ID card verfies your identification in the BankID app and confirms to the merchant that you are who you claim to be. You can use the ID card in physical situations at merchants that have entered into an agreement with BankID BankAxept AS for the ID card solution.

You must activate your BankID app to get access to ID card. You can then activate the ID card using a Norwegian passport or national identity card. A phone with iOS version 15 or higher for Apple or version 7 or higher on Android devices. Your phone must also be NFC (Near Field Communications) ready.

2.2 Display of your information to merchants

To use the ID card, open the BankID app and then ID card. Using your phone's facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, or PIN, a QR code is generated that can be scanned by the merchant point of use/sale. Your QR code is time-limited and can only be scanned once. After scanning or expired time, you need to create new QR code.

When the merchant scans your QR code, information about you will be displayed on the merchant's terminal. The merchant cannot store the data and has only access to view the information when it is required to confirm your name and/or age. Data that the merchant may request is your name, age, date of birth, and photo. At some merchants, your national identity number/D-number may also be displayed if the merchant has the legal basis (e.g. pharmacy).

In the BankID app's transaction history, you can see which data you displayed to the merchant.

3. Liability

The ID card is strictly personal and should only be used by you. You are obliged to protect access to your phone.

You are responsible for your own use of ID card. You must notify us immediately if you discover that the phone to which your ID card is connected has been lost, stolen or you suspect that someone else is misusing your ID card.

BankID BankAxept AS cannot be held responsible for losses as a result of ID card not being able to be used, whether this is due to technical errors, that the ID card is blocked or other circumstances.

BankID BankAxept AS also disclaims liability for any losses you as a customer may incur if you use your ID card in violation of the terms of this agreement.

Should an extraordinary situation arise beyond the control of the parties that makes it impossible for one or both parties to fulfil one or more obligations under this agreement, the obligations concerned will be suspended for the period of the extraordinary situation.

4. General provisions

4.1 Term and termination

The agreement runs as long as we provide ID card. BankID BankAxept AS may choose to terminate the ID card service or the agreement with you with two months' prior notice. If you have breached the agreement, BankID BankAxept AS may terminate it without notice.

4.2 Changes to the agreement

The terms and conditions in force at any time will be available in the BankID app and on

5. Disputes

Your and our rights and obligations are governed by Norwegian law.

In the event of any dispute between us regarding the interpretations or legal effects of this Agreement or the service, we shall first seek to resolve any dispute between us or through an appropriate dispute resolution mechanism.

If no agreement is reached, either of us may bring the matter to the ordinary courts, unless we agree to arbitrate.

The legal venue is Oslo District Court.