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Finally an ID on your phone!

With the ID card in the BankID app, you can leave your passport at home when you visit Vinmonopolet or Posten.

  • Easy activation with a passport or national ID card.

  • Display a personal QR code to be scanned at the checkout.

  • A service from Stø, delivered by the same company as BankID.

An ID card is scanned at checkout

How to get the ID card in the BankID app

Download and activate the BankID app

To get the ID card, you need to have installed and activated the BankID app. Download the app if you don't already have it.

How to use the ID card

Open the BankID app

Once the ID card is activated in your BankID app, you'll see the option "Show ID" on the home screen.

When you select "Show ID," you confirm your identity using facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN, similar to unlocking your phone's screen. Then, your digital ID card will appear.

Help and customer support

Need help with activation or using the ID card? Check out our help pages for guides, frequently asked questions or contact information.

Your data is as secure as BankID

Businesses that scan your ID card don't receive more information than they need, and information about your purchases, where you've been, or anything else is stored with us or the business.

The QR code is different each time, and your data is stored on BankID servers.

Frequently asked questions